Advanced Technology

Body fat, lean body mass, and basal metabolic rate are measured and continually monitored utilizing the revolutionary Cornerstone Wellness BC IV, the most accurate bioimpedance device, which is portable and internet driven.


Published data demonstrates accuracy to within 0.5 % of DEXA readings, the “gold standard” which has replaced hydrostatic weighing. The BC IV was developed and tested at USC’s world renowned Department of Biokinesiology, ranked #1 in the nation by US News and World Report every year since 2004.


Using this device allows us to accurately monitor our patients progress and tailor each program so that more fat is being lost at the same time maintaining lean body mass.

Physician Only Supplements

Each program includes the use of the following supplements. Learn more here.


  • Pharmaceutical grade Omega 3​​

    Each OmegaHealth softgel contains 460 mg of EPA and 180 mg of DHA for a total of 640mg per softgel. More impressive than the dose however is the purity- there is no purer omega 3 oil available anywhere, with the lowest levels of PCB, dioxin, mercury of any oil available in the world.

  • Meal replacement:

    Not a liquid diet or very-low-calorie plan – patients use this delicious high-protein supplement in addition to healthy meals in order to insure adequate protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • MetAssist​​​​​​​​​​:

    MetAssist is a collection of several key nutraceuticals that have demonstrated clinical efficacy in multiple published, peer reviewed studies to lower insulin and serum glucose levels, lower inflammatory markers, decrease appetite and feeding behavior resulting in demonstrated loss of body weight as much as 5.4% in 8 weeks.

Weight Loss Program

Looking good is not the only reason to lose weight. Eliminating those excess pounds of fat can add years to your life. At River Bend Medical Weight Loss, we design a system  to help you make the changes you need to see a lifelong difference in your weight and health. The only way to change your ​life is to change your lifestyle and the most effective way to approach weight loss is by combining diet, physical activity, and behavior modification. Dr Concepcion, together with our nutritionists, will work as a team to design and manage a program that is as individual as you are.


You'll receive a personal plan that includes specific diet, exercise, and behavior modification. And because it's your program, we will take into account your body type, medical history, likes and dislikes, eating habits, schedule demands, weight loss, and health goals to create a comprehensive, safe, personalized plan that leads you to change your life and health... for good.


All appointments are one on one with our Nutritionist andPhysician, and include:

  • Metabolic analysis and body composition test to evaluate fat-to-lean body mass ratio.

  • Weight loss plan tailored to your individual caloric needs and specific macronutrient ratios.

  • Meal plans, specific to portions and timing that are designed for your needs and schedule.

  • Customized and flexible diet tailored to your lifestyle.

  • Full medical history, weight loss goals, health and nutritional counseling.

  • Bi-monthly  monitoring using body composition analysis to track progress.

  • Blood pressure, Hemoglobin A1c, and cholesterol monitoring.

  • Access to website to view results, food log, calorie tracker, scientific articles, and  meal planning.

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